The Triumph of Love

Phocion is not a man!
Phocion is a disguise!
Truth and lie,
Above all love.
Princess Aspasie disguised herself
Because she loves Agis!
Aspasie loves Agis!
But Agis hates Aspasie!
The uncles blinded Agis!
Oh! God! Help me!
For ever they will love each other
And neither Leontine
Either Hermocrates
Will rinder this loveAgis! Agis!
I need your kiss!
Where are you Aspasie?
My God! We can not, Agis!
Your father is the King Cleomeneand
he is my lord!
Corine, I avenged my lord
But now my heart is broken!
No Princess, don't cry!
Agis, you come back to me!
Yes, Princess Aspasie!
Cause I love you!!
I'm here to love you!
For ever!

Álvaro Ribeiro Domingues

(Assistindo o filme "The Triumph of Love", apresentado como peça teatral pela primeira vez em Paris, 1732)

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